Should You Buy An Outside Dog Kennel For Your Doberman?

This will serve as a guide for you to see which kennel is best suited for your dog.

Portable Kennels

The portable kennels are the best choice for temporary yet quick use on your garden or when you go abroad or on a holiday and want to bring your dog along with you. Keep in mind that the portable kennels are not used to house in your dog for long periods of time. Some of this type have hinges attached onto them for the purpose of folding them easily and even setting them up. Others are simple metal panels that can be fixed up together with the use of a manual.

Most of the temporary kennels do not have a roof on them. But if they have one, it is not as good as the one seen on permanent kennels. Some model variants can be attached with more than one kennel so as to make a bigger one. Cleaning up a kennel is very easy since the floor can either be made from metal or the floor itself where you put the kennel in place.

Portable kennels vary in sizes as well since they are designed to accommodate dogs of different sizes.

Permanent Kennel

This is a kind of kennel that are attached to a part of your house or at a lawn somewhere.

They are usually built for the purpose of either giving your dog a house of its own or a place for them to be outside. Most of these permanent kennels need actual constructions and are made out of better and more durable materials, like heavy duty wood, gates and metal.

You can also say that permanent kennels can be constructed from scratch since you get to decide the design or hire someone to put up the place for you. Check out some reviews for permanent outside dog kennels at this website

A lot of these kennels now are so big that they have its own individual rooms for your dogs to sleep in. The interior sometimes include areas for storage and even more rooms. There are some outdoor kennels that have a roof to keep the dog out of the bad weather such as snow and rain.

There are even those that have built in insulation in order to keep them all warm during the cool, winter days. Unlike the portable kennels, the permanent kennels can be quite a challenge to clean up since the floor is made out of better material, like waterproofed wood or concrete.

Things To Be Careful When Playing With Your Doberman

Dobermans are known to be aggressive and dangerous when untrained and unsupervised. This is where you, as the owner, should know about when dealing this type of breed. If you’re careless when handling a doberman then the consequence will be severely painful. This is why homeowners usually consider not adopting a doberman because of its nature and status but that doesn’t mean that not all doberman’s are dangerous animals. There are other dobermans who are friendly, and happy so that will be unfair to condemn every doberman as ruthless animals. The important thing is that you know how to handle and deal with them. Doberman’s aren’t good with owners who are weak in personality or are fearful because of its history. Doberman needs someone who can deal with them and handle them right.


But if you are a strong person, who can show your authority power to their doberman dog and show that you are in control then naturally the doberman will listen to its instincts and will acknowledge you as their alpha leader. Once you have full control of your doberman and that he listens to you, then let’s talk about playtime.

Playing with the doberman can be a fun and dangerous experience and it all depends if the doberman might accidentally release its aggression and bites you. This is where you need to be careful. This is where training the doberman as soon as possible will help you have a safe playtime with them. Consistence is the key to ensure that your doberman will be well-behaved.


These are the ideas for you to learn some basic training for your dog:
● Be sure to remove any bad habits that might surface.
● Be firm but not harsh.
● Learn to reinforce your commands.
● Give them their deserved rewards.

With these simple ideas, it will help you guide your way into training your doberman before having playtime with you. Because playtime is an important activity where you and your dog bond together and learn to socialize with one another. Be familiar with each other and learn to interact. Without playtime then how would your dog know that you are a person of trust? Once that you got everything handled then it is safe for the you to introduce the kids to the doberman thanks to the training that you’ve given to your dog, the dog has learned how to treat children in a gentle manner. With that, it has become a success.

The Proper Way To Give Your Doberman Dog Perfect Hygiene And Care

There are two types of doberman that you need to take note of in regards to their proper care and hygiene. As you can tell by now owning a high-class pure bred dog can be quite costly and high maintenance because they usually have issues in regards to their health. That will surely put a dent on your paycheck for it but you are willing to invest your time and money just to insure your pet doberman dog that he received the best care that he deserved. So, let’s talk about the important thing about owning a doberman dog besides training them and discipline, you have to be diligent of their health.


By giving your doberman the best care in order to bring their health in good condition. Now, there are two types of doberman, the doberman pinscher and the big old doberman. Each of them are different and thus have different ways of careing them but they do share the same methods in giving them proper hygiene.

The doberman requires:
● Brushing their hair with a routine schedule. Brushing their fur will help your dog remove any loose hair that they have, remove any tangled locks and gives blood circulation on their back, sides and the rest of the body. Because brushing really helps massage the muscles of your strong doberman.
● Bathing. Giving your doberman a good cleaning and washing will surely remove any mud and grime from their time outside and avoid attracting lice as much as possible.
● Hair trimming and nail clipping. If they get too long they will be annoying to you and your dog, so trimming their hair and clipping their nails will bring comfort for the both of you.
● Care of their eyes and ears. By giving special care on their eyes and ears will help prevent any unwanted infection that might occur on your doberman. By just simply wiping the ears with a wet washcloth and gently dapping them, and be sure to wipe those doggie boogers daily because they tend to appear a lot.


The doberman pinscher.
● Cleaning their eyes and their ears. Same as the doberman, the pinscher needed constant care on both of their eyes and ears in order to avoid having the pinscher develop any unwanted infection that might hurt them.
● Rub cream on their paws. Having their little paws rubbed with a special kind of cream for dogs (ex: Paw Balm) will give their paws a smooth texture to the touch.
● Take care of their fur coat. By washing and grooming their fur will help prevent any future lice in making their residence on your doberman pinscher.
● Wash them. Wash away all the potential germs and bacteria that might cling onto your dog’s body. This will insure that your dog will not get infected by any deadly diseases.

There are difference but you cannot deny that there are similarities that might be easy for you to properly care for your doberman. They are not too different from each other so it is going to be an easy job for you as the owner in ensuring that your pet doberman is well-taken cared off.

Doberman – What are its Weaknesses?

Those who think that the Doberman breed is aggressive, fierce, unstable and any other negative trait that the mainstream media and films portray it to be will say that these are some of the major weaknesses they have. But if you take a look at every dog breed, they have these personalities as well, and they develop those when they are not addressed well when they were still puppies.


The true weaknesses of Doberman Pinschers are related to health issues, especially when they come from breeders that practices unwise breeding methods.

Every dog breed has the potential to acquire genetic health issues. One of the most common yet serious health issues facing the Doberman breed is cardiomyopathy, a health issue that causes enlargement of the heart. It is critical for every Doberman owner to have their dogs go through a heart exam at least once a year to prevent them from getting this condition at an early stage. It is also advised that Dobermans with this condition must not be bred. They should also not be bred without a comprehensive examination of the heart which must be conducted by a certified vet cardiologist with OFA certification in the past year. It can be quite sad when a Doberman that was examined and cleared one day will develop the heart disease on the next. A puppy bred from 2 parents without the heart problem can still acquire it.

Another health issue that must be taken note of is the cervical vertebral instability or CVI, commonly known as the Wobbler’s syndrome. This is caused by the vertebrae’s malformation in the neck, which results in pressuring the spinal cord. This leads to the lack of coordination and weakness of the vertebrae in its hindquarters. It can cause the dog to go into paralysis. The symptoms of this disease can be managed to an extent, especially among dogs that are not affected that much. There are dogs that are relieved with some form of surgery, yet the outcome to this is uncertain. CVI is considered as a genetic disease, but there are no screen tests for this condition.


Dobermans are also susceptible to a bleeding disorder, known as the von Willebrand disease. Other names include Addison’s disease or hypoadrenocorticism.

Take note that not all these conditions can be detected in a growing Doberman puppy and it can be almost impossible to predict if the breed will be free from these problems.

Doberman – What are its Strengths?

Those who watch mainstream media and listen to how the public sees the Doberman at least heard of how they’ve got a bad reputation being the attack dogs. But they are not really like that, which is why this dog breed gets a lot of contradictions. They have this reputation for being one of the most sinister and sharp dogs, but those devoted to this breed know that they are the most loyal and loving companions to have. The loyal part of this dog is not only directed at only being devoted to their owner. It means the real thing – the bond that the human and dog lie heavily in the heart of the enduring popularity of this dog breed. Even if this dog gives off a very intimidating energy, but a good Doberman is known widely to be a friendly and stable dog, except when you threaten the family he belongs to.


The personality that comes with this dog breed is varied. There are friendly and outgoing; others are reserved and shy. Some are even dominant over the other dogs, chasing after small dogs and cats, while the others are defined as social butterflies in the dog park, not to mention they are widely known for cuddling up with the kittens when taking long naps. In any case, all Dobermans are considered loyal and steadfast companions. They are true friends to the ones they love.

When they face danger, they are the most fearless of all, which is why they are depicted in movies as guard dogs since they do the best job of protecting the ones important to them. But it is also due to this kind of portrayal that they are slammed as attack dogs, which in fact is not true. This is their method of protecting the territory they claim that can’t trespass. They pin and put the intruder into a corner until backup comes in.


Even with all these reputations for being a vicious type of dog, most Dobermans are such softies that love the company of people.

They are large dogs that need a lot of exercises since they have such high energy levels that need to be expended. They are highly intelligent dogs that get bored easily. The love outdoor activities and should engage in a daily exercise to avoid them from developing destructive behavior as they grow up. They are perfect for owners that love to go on walks or daily running outdoors.

Doberman – Its Physical Appearance

Did you know that the Doberman is one of the most popular breeds? With all the most popular dog breeds in this planet, it may be hard to discern why. Most Doberman owners love its great obedience, looks, and temperament.


The original name of this breed is Doberman Pinscher, wherein it originated from Germany and then made its way to all over the world. Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman bred them, hence the name itself. The name Doberman Pinscher is commonly used in Germany, but in other parts of the world, it is only Doberman.

The general appearance of this breed is simply that of elegance, comes with the proud carriage, showing great temperament and nobility. They are watchful, determined, elegant, loyal, obedient, alert and fearless. They are athletic and compact dogs that come in colors tan and black, tan and red or tan and blue. Their sleek and short coat, including its markings, display the perfect athletic breed of this dog breed. They have narrow and long heads with thoughtful, dark, deep eyes shaped like an almond. Their ears are sometimes cropped out, but many owners prefer to leave it naturally as they are. Their tail most of the time is docked. Their body is squarely proportioned, too, and have a very graceful gait.

Weight and Size
Male Doberman should have a height from 26 inches to 28 inches at its withers, while they weight from 70 to 75 pounds. Female Doberman stands from 24 inches to 26 inches while they weight between 60 and 65 pounds.


Color and Coat
The Doberman has a smooth, sleek and short coat that lies close to the skin. Their necks come with a slight undercoat, and it is only in this area of their body. Dobermans come in fawn, red, blue or black color, with rust markings on every eye, thus having very defined eyebrows. Not only that but they also got the well-defined chest, feet, legs, throat, and muzzle.

Like many other short-haired dog breeds, Dobermans are low maintenance. They are very clean dogs, which do not emit that doggy odor. But even with short hair, they shed their hair all year round. They need brushing for at least once each week to keep their lose hair managed well. They do not need that frequent bathing. Most Doberman owners can get by with their dogs with 3 or 4 baths each year.

Personality Traits of Doberman Dogs

There are a variety of Dogs in the world and you can find them in some parts of the world. Dogs, when well trained, can be your protectors of your home and fun family pet. The difference between dogs and some of the other animals in the animal kingdom is that you can trained them to do some simple tricks, they are also very loyal to you and they can keep you company if your alone. The Doberman Dogs are a bread of dogs with a medium to large size, their muzzles are long and they stand on their toes and not heavy footed. They also have an even and graceful gait.


The Doberman Dogs well known to be loyal companions and guard dogs that are well known to be intelligent and alert. They are also very loving and devoted companions. Training them wouldn’t be hard since they are known to be intelligent, obedient so training them wouldn’t be much work and if you’re ever feeling lonely, they are there to stand by your side. Doberman Dogs are also known to be working dogs, they will also do everything in their abilities to protect you from any harm. They are after all, fearless and intimidating. These dogs are also watchful, so surprises wouldn’t be a problem to them.


If you have other dogs, the Doberman Dog wouldn’t be a problem because they are friendly with other dogs and with family they are familiar with. If you enjoy hours of outdoor activity then the Doberman Dog is your best company since they have lots of energy in them. They also have the alpha male role, so if your dogs are being unreasonable, the Doberman Dog can help you train other dogs since they tend to be the leader of the pack. If you train them well, then can be the sweetest company and your best protectors.

If you’re ever worried about your home not being protected at night, then the Doberman Dog is there to help you with that problem. Besides being well known as guard dogs they can be the best and fun loving accompaniment that you can think of. They are loyal to you, they will do anything to guard you, they are friendly and tend to be the alpha male towards other dogs and they also are friendly with other dogs not their breed.

How To Take Care of Your Doberman Dogs

Doberman Dogs are affectionate and sweet with people. They are also intelligent and if your train them in an early stage, they will be well discipline and obedient dogs. They will do anything to protect their owner and tend to be very loyal to them. The Doberman Dog is a medium sized dog with a long muzzle. They tend to stand on their toes and not their pad which makes them not heavy footed. Should you ever have a Doberman Dog, here are ways that can help you take care of them so that they can be better dogs and healthy ones to.


• Train
You should train your Doberman Dog as early as it should be. Thisallows them to familiarize any command you give them. This is also to ensure that you’re the dominant species and that they should wield to you.
• Food
Don’t give your dog scrap or spoiled food whether it is store bought or not. Giving them proper and healthy meals is a must and ensuring that they have water is also important. You don’t want your Doberman to feel sick because you fed them bad food right?
• Appropriate Collar
Because the Doberman Dog, as it gets older, increases in strength. Giving it an appropriate collar is important. This is to ensure that the collar is strong enough to resist the strength of the Doberman.
• Grooming
The Doberman Dogs has short hair, grooming them it wouldn’t be a problem with you because you could just brush their hair to allow their dead hair to be removed. Giving them a bath wouldn’t be much of a problem because you could just do it every other day or week or when they play with dirt.
• Health Check
To ensure that your Doberman Dog is in good condition, allow it to visit the veterinarian clinic so that its doctor could check for any abnormalities with the dog. This way, you will be aware if something might happen and you could prevent it from happening.


With these methods of taking care of your Doberman Dog, you wouldn’t have much of a problem being their owner. After all, when you take excellent care of them they will always return the favor by being your protectors and you guardians. By caring for them, you will have an excellent companion as well and they will give you little problems to take care of.