Doberman – What are its Strengths?

Those who watch mainstream media and listen to how the public sees the Doberman at least heard of how they’ve got a bad reputation being the attack dogs. But they are not really like that, which is why this dog breed gets a lot of contradictions. They have this reputation for being one of the most sinister and sharp dogs, but those devoted to this breed know that they are the most loyal and loving companions to have. The loyal part of this dog is not only directed at only being devoted to their owner. It means the real thing – the bond that the human and dog lie heavily in the heart of the enduring popularity of this dog breed. Even if this dog gives off a very intimidating energy, but a good Doberman is known widely to be a friendly and stable dog, except when you threaten the family he belongs to.


The personality that comes with this dog breed is varied. There are friendly and outgoing; others are reserved and shy. Some are even dominant over the other dogs, chasing after small dogs and cats, while the others are defined as social butterflies in the dog park, not to mention they are widely known for cuddling up with the kittens when taking long naps. In any case, all Dobermans are considered loyal and steadfast companions. They are true friends to the ones they love.

When they face danger, they are the most fearless of all, which is why they are depicted in movies as guard dogs since they do the best job of protecting the ones important to them. But it is also due to this kind of portrayal that they are slammed as attack dogs, which in fact is not true. This is their method of protecting the territory they claim that can’t trespass. They pin and put the intruder into a corner until backup comes in.


Even with all these reputations for being a vicious type of dog, most Dobermans are such softies that love the company of people.

They are large dogs that need a lot of exercises since they have such high energy levels that need to be expended. They are highly intelligent dogs that get bored easily. The love outdoor activities and should engage in a daily exercise to avoid them from developing destructive behavior as they grow up. They are perfect for owners that love to go on walks or daily running outdoors.