The Proper Way To Give Your Doberman Dog Perfect Hygiene And Care

There are two types of doberman that you need to take note of in regards to their proper care and hygiene. As you can tell by now owning a high-class pure bred dog can be quite costly and high maintenance because they usually have issues in regards to their health. That will surely put a dent on your paycheck for it but you are willing to invest your time and money just to insure your pet doberman dog that he received the best care that he deserved. So, let’s talk about the important thing about owning a doberman dog besides training them and discipline, you have to be diligent of their health.


By giving your doberman the best care in order to bring their health in good condition. Now, there are two types of doberman, the doberman pinscher and the big old doberman. Each of them are different and thus have different ways of careing them but they do share the same methods in giving them proper hygiene.

The doberman requires:
● Brushing their hair with a routine schedule. Brushing their fur will help your dog remove any loose hair that they have, remove any tangled locks and gives blood circulation on their back, sides and the rest of the body. Because brushing really helps massage the muscles of your strong doberman.
● Bathing. Giving your doberman a good cleaning and washing will surely remove any mud and grime from their time outside and avoid attracting lice as much as possible.
● Hair trimming and nail clipping. If they get too long they will be annoying to you and your dog, so trimming their hair and clipping their nails will bring comfort for the both of you.
● Care of their eyes and ears. By giving special care on their eyes and ears will help prevent any unwanted infection that might occur on your doberman. By just simply wiping the ears with a wet washcloth and gently dapping them, and be sure to wipe those doggie boogers daily because they tend to appear a lot.


The doberman pinscher.
● Cleaning their eyes and their ears. Same as the doberman, the pinscher needed constant care on both of their eyes and ears in order to avoid having the pinscher develop any unwanted infection that might hurt them.
● Rub cream on their paws. Having their little paws rubbed with a special kind of cream for dogs (ex: Paw Balm) will give their paws a smooth texture to the touch.
● Take care of their fur coat. By washing and grooming their fur will help prevent any future lice in making their residence on your doberman pinscher.
● Wash them. Wash away all the potential germs and bacteria that might cling onto your dog’s body. This will insure that your dog will not get infected by any deadly diseases.

There are difference but you cannot deny that there are similarities that might be easy for you to properly care for your doberman. They are not too different from each other so it is going to be an easy job for you as the owner in ensuring that your pet doberman is well-taken cared off.

Doberman – Its Physical Appearance

Did you know that the Doberman is one of the most popular breeds? With all the most popular dog breeds in this planet, it may be hard to discern why. Most Doberman owners love its great obedience, looks, and temperament.


The original name of this breed is Doberman Pinscher, wherein it originated from Germany and then made its way to all over the world. Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman bred them, hence the name itself. The name Doberman Pinscher is commonly used in Germany, but in other parts of the world, it is only Doberman.

The general appearance of this breed is simply that of elegance, comes with the proud carriage, showing great temperament and nobility. They are watchful, determined, elegant, loyal, obedient, alert and fearless. They are athletic and compact dogs that come in colors tan and black, tan and red or tan and blue. Their sleek and short coat, including its markings, display the perfect athletic breed of this dog breed. They have narrow and long heads with thoughtful, dark, deep eyes shaped like an almond. Their ears are sometimes cropped out, but many owners prefer to leave it naturally as they are. Their tail most of the time is docked. Their body is squarely proportioned, too, and have a very graceful gait.

Weight and Size
Male Doberman should have a height from 26 inches to 28 inches at its withers, while they weight from 70 to 75 pounds. Female Doberman stands from 24 inches to 26 inches while they weight between 60 and 65 pounds.


Color and Coat
The Doberman has a smooth, sleek and short coat that lies close to the skin. Their necks come with a slight undercoat, and it is only in this area of their body. Dobermans come in fawn, red, blue or black color, with rust markings on every eye, thus having very defined eyebrows. Not only that but they also got the well-defined chest, feet, legs, throat, and muzzle.

Like many other short-haired dog breeds, Dobermans are low maintenance. They are very clean dogs, which do not emit that doggy odor. But even with short hair, they shed their hair all year round. They need brushing for at least once each week to keep their lose hair managed well. They do not need that frequent bathing. Most Doberman owners can get by with their dogs with 3 or 4 baths each year.