Things To Be Careful When Playing With Your Doberman

Dobermans are known to be aggressive and dangerous when untrained and unsupervised. This is where you, as the owner, should know about when dealing this type of breed. If you’re careless when handling a doberman then the consequence will be severely painful. This is why homeowners usually consider not adopting a doberman because of its nature and status but that doesn’t mean that not all doberman’s are dangerous animals. There are other dobermans who are friendly, and happy so that will be unfair to condemn every doberman as ruthless animals. The important thing is that you know how to handle and deal with them. Doberman’s aren’t good with owners who are weak in personality or are fearful because of its history. Doberman needs someone who can deal with them and handle them right.


But if you are a strong person, who can show your authority power to their doberman dog and show that you are in control then naturally the doberman will listen to its instincts and will acknowledge you as their alpha leader. Once you have full control of your doberman and that he listens to you, then let’s talk about playtime.

Playing with the doberman can be a fun and dangerous experience and it all depends if the doberman might accidentally release its aggression and bites you. This is where you need to be careful. This is where training the doberman as soon as possible will help you have a safe playtime with them. Consistence is the key to ensure that your doberman will be well-behaved.


These are the ideas for you to learn some basic training for your dog:
● Be sure to remove any bad habits that might surface.
● Be firm but not harsh.
● Learn to reinforce your commands.
● Give them their deserved rewards.

With these simple ideas, it will help you guide your way into training your doberman before having playtime with you. Because playtime is an important activity where you and your dog bond together and learn to socialize with one another. Be familiar with each other and learn to interact. Without playtime then how would your dog know that you are a person of trust? Once that you got everything handled then it is safe for the you to introduce the kids to the doberman thanks to the training that you’ve given to your dog, the dog has learned how to treat children in a gentle manner. With that, it has become a success.